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The Glastonbury Festival in the past has had a reputation for peace, free love and tolerance to drug taking.

But if you are planning to bring and use drugs at this year’s festival, THINK AGAIN.

No matter what myths you may have heard about police having a policy at Glastonbury of allowing people to smoke cannabis or take small amounts of other drugs – it is not true, police have a zero tolerance policy to illegal substances.

If you are in possession of or use any illegal substance, the law at Glastonbury is exactly the same as any other city, town or street in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Security checks on your way into the site are stringent and the festival’s security staff are very well practised in finding any place you might decide to hide your stash.

Police are informed of any drug finds and offenders will be arrested and taken into custody by police.

You then face a potential court case and prison for drugs offences – offences that will stay with you for many years to come.

If you think Glastonbury is a good opportunity to come and experiment with drugs; police, the organisers and medical staff would strongly advise against it.

The site is huge – the size of a large town – and it is very easy to get lost and disorientated at the best of times.

You could also find yourself being prosecuted for ‘trying something for the first time’.

First offence or not, you could be ejected from the site and miss the festival entirely for the sake of one mad moment.

The impact that could have on your general life, travel plans, reputation and employment prospects for years to come is considerable.

Think about your actions, come and enjoy the festival, but stay on the right side of the law.

For more information why not talk to FRANK?

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